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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad Mama!

I'm a bad mama! I should have done this last week...

I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to The Pug. He turned a whopping six! My how the years fly by... He was a gift from the fiance (then boyfriend) for Christmas/birthday (they may or may not be on the same day :) ).

So we celebrated like every freak dog parent does and threw him a birthday party. Yes there were presents. And yes there was a Frosty Paws for each of the doggie guests. AND yes there was cake for the human guests. AND YES we stuck a candle in his Frosty Paws and sang him happy birthday!

I know what you're thinking cuz I hear it all the time... "Face only a mother could love."
Maybe, but I love him just the same.


  1. aww, he's awfully cute! love pugs!

  2. With a face like that I bet he gets a treat every time he wants one! How could you resist? Thank you for your kind comments regarding my loss.

    Your Friend,