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2011 Project 365

Welcome to this year's Project 365! Let's hope I do better this year than last year! :)

Day 17
Gift from the Mom-in-law.

Day 16
Finished product.

Day 15
Trusting Martha to help me with wedding planning.

Day 14
Thrift store find...only FOUR dollars!! :)

Day 13
Had to put the new potpurri up because some little frenchie thought it was food.

Day 12
Fabric for chair re-upholstering.

Day 11
My magazine collection. AFTER I condensed... :)

Day 10
My boys.

Day 9
I heart Harry.

Day 8
New Christmas clearance stockings.

Day 7
Still more flowers.

Day 6
More flowers.

Day 5
Flowers from the memorial service.

Day 4
Drying memorial flowers.

Day 3
In loving memory...

Day 2
Did I mention how much I dislike love winter?

Day 1
I kinda want to leave my decorations up all winter...