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Friday, December 2, 2011

Foster Fail

Earlier this year I started fostering for a French Bulldog rescue organization. I wanted to do something for this breed that I've fallen so in love with. (I hate to say it but I might actually be more of a frenchie person than a pug person now!) I picked up my first foster Mack around Easter and have spent the last few months working on his behavioral rehabilitation as well as a few health issues.

Well I've done it, I went and fell completely head over heels for my first foster... I mean, I anticipated that fostering would be rewarding but I never dreamed that I would grow so attached. The time has come to put Mack up for adoption and I have received several applications that I know would make wonderful homes for him. So far I've been quite picky. I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but how can anyone possibly love him as much as I do?

I know you must be thinking, Well duh, why don't YOU just adopt him then?? He suffers from separation anxiety and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Given the recent turn of events in my life (calling off my wedding, breaking things off with the fiance, etc...) I don't feel I can give this boy the home that he needs. And it breaks my heart!

Just look at that face...


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