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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Easy Gift Packing How To

For my soon to be mom-in-law I purchased an adorable yummy smelling handmade bar of soap from etsy (Fleur de Lis Soap). As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit detailed (my fiance would say neurotic) about my gift wrapping and presentation. I had a glass jar w/lid with some Fleur de Lis etched on it that my mom didn't want anymore, and that the mom-in-law mentioned she really liked. I knew that I wanted to combine these two items but I wasn't sure how...
Until one day I was re-reading my Flea Market Syle magazine and saw a great idea in which one of the featured crafty women took old books and shredded them with a shredder. She then took the shredded paper and used it to pack her gifts. Brilliant!
So I thought I'd try it.
I had the gift, the thing in which to pack it, and an idea. So I headed to the local thrift store and scored a cheap encyclopedia.
Here's the step by step...

My materials (also not pictured is a paper shredder and scissors)...

Step One:
Tear out a page from desired book.

Step Two:
Cut the paper in half the short way (so you can read some of the words after you shred it). Or the long way depending on your desired effect.

Step Three:
Place piece (or a few more depending on how many your shredder can handle at once) into the shredder. (If you want to be able read the words like I mentioned before place the paper in the shredder as shown below.)

Step Four:
Make sure shredder is turned to the "off" position, and remove shredded paper.

Step Five:
Stuff your gift box, or jar in my case, with shredded paper and gift. I hid my gift amidst the shredded paper since the jar is clear.

Step Six:
Put on the lid and ta-da! Finished Product.


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