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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh How I Love New Creative Discoveries

Watch out world I have discovered chalkboard spray paint.

We replaced all of the old (I'm pretty sure original) windows from our 1900's home last year. They are currently collecting dust in the garage (the fiance's mancave if you will). He and my dad keep insisting that we throw them out. "Haul them to the dump, that's what you should do!" But I can't stand the thought of these beautiful pieces of history rotting away unwanted and unloved with the rest of the world's trash. So for the better part of a year they have been sitting there while I try and find them a loving home or figure out a way to love them back to something beautiful myself.

This is where my new creative tool-chalkboard spray paint comes into play. This stuff is A-mazing! You can use it on any smooth surface and it will transform it into a chalkboard! Yes you heard me right, a chalkboard. You can actually write or draw with chalk and then erase it! (I might say something about sliced bread here, but I really hate that cliche.)

I think you can see by now where this is going. I have big plans involving my antique windows and chalkboard paint. And maybe a store on etsy sometime soon... 

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